SN-02165 JOHNNY JONES - Live In Europe

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1. Galloping Dominoes
2. Sneaky Suspicion
3. Groove Thing
4. Baptism Of Fire
5. Mighty Low
6. I Can't Do That
7. Blues Is Alright
8. Stormy Monday
9. Don't Throw Your Love On Me So
10. Chip Off The Old Block


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Blues guitarist Johnny Jones was a Nashville legend and an early mentor of Jimi Hendrix. Ted Jarrett discovered Jones playing in a Clarksville house band backing female impersonators and hired him as a sideman for Nashville R&B favorites Gene Allison and Earl Gaines. Jones formed the Imperial 7, often performing at the New Era Club, where a young soldier from Fort Campbell, KY named Jimi Hendrix would come and sit in on guitar. Jones and Hendrix once faced off in a legendary guitar duel at the city's Club Baron in the early 1960s, and based on the audience's applause, Jones was the winner. "For two years, (Hendrix) was under my wing. I had what he had to have. I had that lowdown smell of Mississippi in mine," Jones said of his own guitar style. Jones replaced Hendrix in the King Casual, which included Billy Cox, Hendrix

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