SN-02158 The Best of Tennessee & Republic Records Volume V - The Soulful Side of CHRISTINE KITTRELL

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1. Sittin' Here Drinking
2. Every Night In The Week
3. L & N Special
4. Slave To Love
5. Lord Have Mercy I'm So Lonely
6. If You Ain't Sure
7. Evil Eyed Woman
8. Snake In The Grass
9. Gotta Stop Loving You
10. I Ain't Nothing But A Fool
11. Leave My Man Alone
12. Black Cat Crossed My Trail
13. Old Man You're Slipping
14. Sittin' Here Drinking Again

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Christine Kittrell was an American R&B singer and songwriter who first recorded on the Tennessee Records label in 1951 and 1952 with Louis Brooks & Band and later with Gay Crosse. From 1953 through 1955 she recorded tracks for Republic Records, two of which featured Little Richard on piano and a third with Richard as a backing vocalist. Kittrell was born into a musical family in Nashville and decided that singing would be her life

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