SN-02156 SOUL MUSIC of the Deep South

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1) Lovin' Machine   Rodge Martin
2) Best Of Luck To You   Earl Gaines
3) It's Almost Sundown   Roscoe Shelton
4) Nobody Knows   Freddie Waters
5) I Was Born To Love You   Herbert Hunter
6) You Can Make It If You Try/Have Faith   Gene Allison
7) I'm So Glad You're Home   Larry Birdsong
8) Way Across Town   Tiny Watkins
9) Check Out What You've Got   Sam Baker
10) I Feel So Good   Bobby Hebb
11) Judy   Frank Howard
12) Congratulations   John Colbert

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Re-mastered by W. Michael Lewis at Wombat Music/Hollywood, CA Executive Producers for SnailWorx - Ray Harris & W. Michael Lewis Executive Producer for Bluesland Productions - Fred James

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