SN-02137 MIND MOVIE - Sounds From Deep Space

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1. Arrival At Station Zeta Tau
2. Off On A Crystalline Comet
3. Midnight R & R
4. First Encounter Of The Fourth Kind
5. Worm Hole Experiment 13 (Strange Matter)
6. Disaster On Red Level Five
7. The Nursery
8. Shuttle Hijack
9. Escape From The Spiral Galaxy
10. Neutron Star Dance

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All selections composed and performed by W. Michael Lewis. I invite you to first, get into your best listening state of mind by whatever means you have available; second, put your CD player volume on maximum; and third, put your computer or video monitor on a blank screen or just close your eyes. Hit the play button and let your imagination tranport you to an adventure in deep space as you make your own "mind movie".

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