SN-02107 COUNT SMOKULA - Smokesylvania In My Mind


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1) Smokesylvania, You're A Nation (National Anthem of Smokesylvania)
2) Zombie
3) Poultrygeist
4) Boris Karloff Blues
5) Rockabilly Count (From Down Below)
6) Tales From The Crapper
7) Dita Von Teese
8) Population
9) Die, You Zombie Bastards
10) Transylbearian Woods
11) Smokesylvania In My Mind 3:54

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THE MUSICIANS Count Smokula - lead vocals, accordian, guitar, harmonica, jaw harp, kazoo Maury Baker - drums Ray Campi - bass, guitar, mandolin, drums, backing vocals, and the voice of "Boris" Matt Cartsonis - mandola Aaron Cohen - drums, zombie grunts, chicken clucks Dan Cohen - bass Drew Daniels - bass, backing vocals Patrick Giraudi - synthesizer & computer programming Terry Hand - drums Neal Lampert - drums Peter Marshall - bass Jimmy Smith - mandolin, guitar Brian Vessa - drums Bruce Brode & Peter Sheppard - backing vocals on "Dita Von Teese" Executive Producers for SnailWorx: Ray Harris & W. Michael Lewis Front cover, CD & tray photos by Amelia G & Forrest Black Booklet page 4 photo by CD art design by W. Michael Lewis

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